Village Council Contacts  

Member Address Email Phone Current Term/Exp  Elected
John DeWitt III,
111 E. John Street 906-291-0578 2yr/11'2018 2016
Sharon Brown,
411 Handy St. 293-5332 H 4yr/11'2020 2016
Vacant Seat due to Resignation - August 2017 Harold Dishaw    


4yr/11'2018 Appointed to Dewitt's seat in 2016
Timothy Baynton 114 E Ave. B   4yr/11'2020 Appointed to Olson's seat in 2016
Daniel Hardenbrook 224 Newberry Ave.   4yr/11'2018 Appointed to Zimmerman's seat in 2017
Charles Medelis 218 E. McMillan Ave 293-8693 H 4yr/11'2020 2016
Dennis Hendrickson 418 E. Harrie St. None 293-7000 H 4yr/11'2018 2014