Village of Newberry and Planning Your Future

Welcome to the Village of Newberry, MI
Embracing Progress and Improvements

Planning Your Future
We have an immense amount of incredible resources to help you plan your future in and around the Village of Newberry.  Our downtown business district has affordable real estate opportunities available for businesses wishing to participate in a healthy high traffic area.  Visitors to our area has increased immensely in the last decade and with that a growing business district is on the horizon.  Newberry is a healthy, wholesome environment in which to raise a family, operate a business, and a quiet relaxing place to retire. 

Village of Newberry | Newberry MI Welcomes the Governor of Michigan, Rick Snyder

Area Assets Outside the Village
Opportunities abound outside the Village of Newberry as well.  The Luce County Industrial Park is 298 acres of which 143 acres are available for development. Site parcels range from one (1) to forty (40) acres.  Learn more about the Luce County Industrial Park »

Our area also has offers many areas of Commercial Zoning along our M28 and M123 corridors.  Here small businesses have successfully prospered with many catering to tourism, lodging, restaurants, shopping, active sports rentals, just to name a few.

We encourage you to visit our EDC page to introduce yourself to our director, visit their website and explore the many possibilities within the Village and surrounding area.  Learn More »