Government Officials Visit Newberry, MI

A Master Plan For Newberry -  

We are very proud to announce the creation of a Master Plan for Newberry. This project is a result of our status as a Project Rising Tide (PRT) community and is being funded by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) with technical assistance from Beckett & Raeder, Inc.

Use the following link for a brief overview of a Master Plan - What is a Master Plan?

An online version of the plan can be accessed using the following link: VILLAGE OF NEWBERRY FINAL ADOPTED MASTER PLAN.

With the creation of the Village’s first ever master plan, Newberry is embarking on a new chapter in economic and community development. This master plan serves a living document to guide Newberry’s future development based on community needs and desires.

There are a few important state mandates and initiatives that served as the backbone for this effort.  The Michigan Planning Enabling Act (MPEA), Public Act 33 of 2008, requires that the planning commission create and approve a master plan as a guide for development. Further, Project Rising Tide (PRT) is a statewide economic development program, envisioned by Governor Snyder and implemented by the Department of Talent and Economic Development (TED). Newberry is one of ten communities selected statewide and represents the Upper Peninsula region.  The mission is to provide at-risk communities with the necessary tools to design and build a successful economic framework.  Through this effort, the Village is committed to taking the necessary steps to create a physical and social environment conducive to economic success and wealth creation.

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