Government Officials Visit Newberry, MI

Welcome to the Village of Newberry, MI
Embracing Progress and Improvements

Government Officials Visit Newberry
by Gina Harman

The Village of Newberry has been endeared with the presence of many important government officials.  In 2016 alone, we have been visited by Governor Rick Snyder, U.S. Senator Gary Peters, Michigan Senator Tom Casperson, Michigan Senator Gary Schmidt, and Michigan Representative John Kivela.

Governor Rick Snyder was impressed with the many improvements that have been accomplished and are currently being worked on here in Newberry.  He is looking forward to having Newberry to help and guide the next Rising Tide selection so they too may find success.

In October we will enjoy the presence of many government officials at our Annual Legislative Luncheon.  This important event gives Newberry the opportunity to share problems, concerns and expectations involving our entire community and region.  All residents, business leaders and community minded people are all welcome to participate.  If you miss us this year, please don’t hesitate to join us in the future.