Newberry Water and Light

Welcome to the Village of Newberry, MI
Embracing Progress and Improvements

Newberry Water & Light
We want to welcome you to the Newberry Water & Light Department of Newberry, MI.  We offer a wide range of services along with a number of ways to make your bill paying experience convenient.  Visit our Rates and Account forms page for printable (PDFs) to help you learn more about our rates and becoming a new customer of our services.

 Below is a a list of the benefits that Newberry Water & Light offers our community:

  • Electrical
  • Water
  • Garbage
  • Sewer

We also offer occasional free energy products through the Energy Optimization Program.  

Customers can make payments with a credit card or debit card by using our ONLINE PAYMENT system (use the link below to access); checks or money orders can be dropped off at the VILLAGE OF NEWBERRY OFFICE, 302 E. McMillan Ave; checks or money orders can be deposited in our PAYMENT DROP BOX located along the East side of the Water & Light Building, 307 E. McMillan Ave; drop off your payment at the LOCAL FINANCIAL INSTITUTION where you have an account;  or MAIL your check or money order to:
Newberry Water & Light, 302 E. McMillan Ave, Newberry, MI  49868


 Thank you for visiting us online.

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